It is funny that the first Monday in the New Year really feels like the actual new year. The 4 days before Monday have been a perpetual holiday party and now the day, month and year are seemingly pregnant with possibilities. What will you do this year? What will be different? Where will you go? Who will you meet? Will you get a new job or a job, period?

What if you could answer these questions today and watch the year unfold perfectly? Perhaps you can in a manner of speaking. I don’t mean the actual details but what if there were a way to insure that the year would “go your way.”

It is like waking up every day and saying “Thank You” to the Universe for the day that is yet to come. The day always unfolds better for me when I do this than when I do its opposite. Remember, the Universe only says YES to your request…like the Genie from Aladin. Today is going to be a great day…”YES” says the Universe. Today is going to suck…YES, your wish is its command. See what I mean. The same is true for the start of the year. How you begin is how you set the tone for living this year. That doesn’t mean that you can’t hit the reset button but that is a blog for say March when you forget all of this affirmative living stuff.

So how the heck do you start the year to GUARANTEE success…well you can start by pulling yourself up out of the muck, suck and mire and start with some affirmations…Today is the day that starts the best year of my life! I commit to being more healthy than yesterday starting right NOW! I honor my physical health by caring for my emotional and spiritual health, today! I will not act in haste or frustration when I am driving or in the supermarket. I will not allow fear to keep me from my Good and I will take steps that, to me, seem FEARLESS. I commit to starting each day of this new year with a simple “Thank You” to no one in particular and everyone as a result.

Do you find yourself wanting to post negative things on Facebook?….Stop it….sometimes its hard, I know. People say stupid things that sometimes you just NEED to respond in kind…but you don’t. Do you find yourself with an outstretched finger at the $#@#$%^% who just cut you off on the Freeway?…Attitude check!….That person clearly does not care how you feel and your finger does not need the stretch! (When that happens I say “Thank you God for showing me the most important person on the road today” I usually follow that up with a “D(*&Bag” because I am still in recovery) But STOP, take notice of your actions and your attitudes. If you want this year to be different then Guess what? YOU HAVE TO SHOW UP DIFFERENTLY!!!

Your actions matter! Not to others but to YOU! I don’t know how many times I have spent time in meditation in the morning with a focus on being less frustrated with the world only to get up and start my day and take all sorts of actions that were just the opposite of what I wanted. It got me thinking about the relationship between Desire and Actions.

If I say “please Universal Source, help me to show up less frustrated today” and then I roll my eyes in the supermarket at the winner of the “Exact Change Award” counting all of the pennies they could come up with, my actions don’t match my desires. “But it is frustrating,” I say why can’t they hurry up. I have bunches of reasons and rationals for my actions not aligning with my desires but it just does not matter. If it don’t line up it don’t line up, period! It takes practice and awareness!

I have not, did not, and will not change over-night. It takes committment, awareness and practice. I need to be kind to myself through the process and just know that my behaviors will change. I will be better at the end of this year! I might seek out situations that used to frustrate me and just use them as a classroom for change. Maybe at the supermarket, I will allow full-cart-guy to go in front of me just for the exercise. I bet if I allow myself an extra 10 minutes to get anywhere I will only need to drive the speed limit and it doesn’t matter who gets in front of me. I am sure that if I wake up 20 minutes early I will have at least 5 minutes to spend in quiet mediation to prepare for an amazing day, month or year. I know that it only takes a little effort to have The Best Day Ever!

Best and Blessed,

Dr. George

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