I was reminded by a dear friend that I have not been blogging enough. However, I have been writing an affirmation everyday since January 1st with the intention on having an Affirmation-a-Day book by the end of the year. Why not use this as my blog? I guess I had a story that a blog had to be different, special and I was wrong…my affirmations ARE special. If you want the past 4 months of affirmations like my FaceBook page DRUGS, FOOD, SEX AND GOD. There is a special gift for the #500 like on the page and there are 4 more to go for the special prize so it really could be YOU!… Does that motivate you to go there? what does…

What drives you? What lights you up? I was talking to a friend a while back about his financial problems. He went on and on about how difficult life was right now. He works in construction and there doesn’t seem to be any jobs in his particular part of the field. His whole presence in talking to me was dull and seemed almost lifeless. I asked him about what it is that he would like to do if he could do anything. He answered with the same lifeless tone, “I don’t know, nothing comes to mind.” Our conversation droned on until he changed the subject. He started telling me that he was thinking about volunteering for an organization that helps at-risk youth regain some foothold in society. As he talked about his idea to volunteer (his goals), his face became light and his manner buoyant. His voice was untethered and exuberant. I stopped him mid-sentence to point out his psychic change in personality right in the midst of this conversation. “Whatever –this- is, it lights you up!” I told him. This is where you need to focus some energy and attention. This is the doorway to your abundance for finances, happiness and freedom. This LIGHT, this ENERGY is the principle behind the Law of Attraction. With this kind of magnetic energy, abundance is immediately redirected with laser precision. I did this when I started working in Wellness and Beauty and abundance naturally occurred in my life. I was lit up. This friend is now Executive Director of an agency the helps disenfranchised youth blossom into their abundance and he blossomed into his. What lights you up?

Today, I recognize that the Universe force is everywhere present and has no vendetta or favor for me, personally. I realize that, instead, this force is directed by the energy that I feed into it by my thoughts, actions, ideas and attitudes. I am grateful that the abundance of the Universe is mine for the thinking and I know that it takes vigilance to stay focused on my light in the world. The tools I use daily are meditation, affirmation and playfulness to direct and shine my light. No longer am I a victim to the “yeah, buts” and “what ifs.” I CALL the shots. Life is POWERED by my connection to the Universe. I AM turning my light on NOW. Let it SHINE!

Best and Blessed,
Dr. George