Do you ever feel like you are stuck? Perhaps you are in the same relationship that you have been in before now with a different person or the same job situation as before only the names have changed? In feeling this stuck feeling do you ever get that inkling that you are supposed to be learning something from all of it. I know I do. I remember having three jobs in a row where I had “difficulty” with a female supervisor. Each time the company was different, the job responsibilities were different, the people were all different but the feeling of frustration was the same.

It actually never dawned on me until later in life that the problem was within me. Somewhere, sometime, some situation where perhaps my older sister, my mother, or some other female influence in my life said something that precipitated in my feeling of frustration and inadequacy. To be VERY clear, no one MADE me feel inadequate. I did that all on my own in the quiet brewery of my mind fermenting thoughts of unworthiness, lack, inadequacy and failure. I really don’t like those feelings and used many things in my life to keep from feeling them. I even quit those three jobs because of those three supervisors to keep the feelings away. I do not want to be stuck. Does anyone? Do you? Are you or am I currently showing up in life operating with thoughts, feelings, and attitudes from some abusive past? How do we stop? Well, we stop and change with two things; 1) DESIRE (Dreams & Goals) and 2) WILLINGNESS (Plans & Action).

Today, I recognize that the Universe shows up in this moment and is not some reflection of the past. I realize that my work is to stay present with life and truly nurture my deepest desires. I am grateful for the understanding and tools that assist me with moving forward with my life. Today, I write down my dreams and goals – on paper – and make a thoughtful plan to accomplish those goals, no matter how small they may be. I know that it takes practice and patience and I AM Ready. I Have Desire and Willingness to Live MY life.