How would you describe yourself right now? This moment look in the mirror and say to yourself, “I am ______.” Is it a declaration that is life giving and beautiful? Or is it a self-deprecating message from some dark recess of your past? In this moment I simultaneously hold the declaration that I am at peace and on edge. I want to figure out why I feel like I am “on edge” so I focus on that and you know what happens? I go over the edge. When I focus on something it grows and gets bigger.

The other day I woke up in a rotten mood and I kept retelling the story to people about the rotten mood. I SAID that I was trying everything to get myself out of this mood and nothing was working. I was resisting the mood and in that resistance making it grow and flourish. To reframe how I feel right now “I am at peace and feeling like I am on the edge of an amazing life discovery. I welcome both the peace and discovery with open arms.” It changes the whole tone of how I feel just by reframing my perspective. I get to be my own cheerleader instead of my own worst enemy. There is a higher and brighter vibration in the energy of letting go of resistance and loving who and where you are right now. I will not trivialize it by saying “you are right where you are supposed to be.” But if you can find the peace in what you are you will find purpose in everything you do, every place you are, and everyone you encounter.

Today, I recognize that there is a Divine Universal Power operating in my life. It does not make things happen to me but is directed by my focus and energy towards it. I realize that I have the power of choice in how this power shows up in my life. I can choose the rotten mood and rejoice in the choice OR choose to reframe my life to find opportunity and discovery. I am grateful that the choice is mine to make and that the “everything” that happens takes form inside of my perspective of it. I can find purpose in the Joy and the pain. I AM buoyed by the discovery of my life. My life is a blessing.