Have you ever been asked to do something that sounds really cool and you agree to do it and then you hang up the phone or leave the meeting and…? WHAT. WAS. I. THINKING? All at once feelings of inadequacy come rushing in like the tide onto the mudflats. “I can’t do that.” “What are they thinking asking me.” And my all-time favorite, “They obviously haven’t researched anything about me.” Then there is a voice of reason, usually one of my friends. “Um, they ASKED you, they invited you, they picked YOU.” All at once I realize that I am again arguing for my limitations. Do you ever do that or am I the only one this affects? I can’t, yeah but, only if…these are the beginning phrases in a poorly crafted argument that places me on the bottom of the list (or at least not on the top). A good argument has evidence to back it up. When I am in this mood of feeling unworthy and inadequate I look for evidence to back up these hypotheses.

The way I can break out of unworthy and inadequate is look for opposing evidence, of which there is plenty. In your life do you look for evidence that crushes you or evidence that raises you and praises you? Let’s both try to change it up and wake up this day to the truth. Start out making statements of fact about yourself that is positive. I AM a good friend, I AM intelligent, I have great business ideas…etc. If necessary start out with more simpler things like I AM breathing, I can smile (and smile). Change WILL occur with this type of intention placed in your life, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, depending on your resistance to it.

If you are still with me you can repeat this short affirmation: Today, I recognize the Universal Power of positivity in the life of others and now in my life. I realize that I have the choice to use this power to perfectly unfold my life. I am grateful that my life is raised and praised by the Universe. I AM perfect, whole and complete exactly as I AM. I CAN do this.