I re-read the other day some staggering statistics about consciousness. Each time I encounter these same claims I am astounded but work out the math for myself and find that it really is not far-fetched. The claim is that 95% of what we do in a day is automatic (i.e. subconscious). Wake, wash, eat, drive, work, type, meet, kiss, TV, workout, sleep, repeat… only 5% is truly conscious, mindful, and purposeful.

I am a bit of a math geek so I want to break this down: 24 hours in a day, 1440 minutes; 5%=72 minutes. With 8 hours of sleep (assuming that we can’t have “conscious time” when we sleep) we are left with 16 hours to do 72 minutes of conscious work which equals 4.5 minutes per hour. All at once, that doesn’t seem like much time per hour that we do actually “conscious” work. What if as a growing conscious community we all committed to increasing our consciousness 1%? What would that do for the global community? Instead of 4.5 minutes per hour are you willing to be truly conscious 5.4 minutes (less than 1 minute per hour more). Just reading this affirmation is adding 2.5 minutes to this hour’s consciousness.

Here is my practical challenge; whether you currently meditate or not you can be 1% more conscious by increasing meditation 14 minutes and 26 seconds per day. Set a timer for 14:26 and let’s do this together in conscious mediation. Use three part mediation breathing; on the inhalation slowly think the words “I CAN”, on the exhale “I AM”, and in the space after exhale before you inhale “I DO.” Don’t judge your thoughts. Each time you drift off come back to your breath. A commitment to doing this WILL change your life, guaranteed – you can always go back to the life you have right now at 5%.

Today, I recognize that there is Power that exists in consciousness. I realize that I can tap into that power by being mindful and purposeful. I will commit to increasing my own consciousness and thereby increasing global consciousness. I matter and I MAKE a difference. I CAN, I AM and I DO this for myself as a gift!