Why do I worry? What possible purpose does it serve to spend time playing and replaying situations that haven’t happened yet just to review all the possible permutations of future occurrences? “Well, everyone worries,” I say in order to dismiss the question itself. Just because it has always been that way or that everyone is doing it are two of the most dismal reasons to keep doing anything that is so detrimental for you. There are those who say, and I agree, “Worry is a lack of faith.” This true, yet bold, statement cuts to the heart of worry. When I play out a conversation for instance…”I will say this and then they will say that and THEN I will say XYZ” I have taken a stand against faith. When I wonder why some HR person has not called me back on receiving my resume and then I jump to the obvious conclusion that I am defective and not suited for the job, I am taking a stand against faith. When I start planning who will take care of me after my heart surgery before I even go to the doctor because I am SURE there is a problem, I am taking a stand against faith.

But how do I stop this? How do I stand up for faith or stand firmly rooted in faith? The most simple answer is for me to look at all of the situations in the past where I was “worried” that this or that would happen and no matter what happened it turned out to be the right situation, at the right time, for the right reason, FAITH. I talk about life being a straight line when I look back on it. I know how I got right here doing this thing right now. It is faith to breathe into the knowledge that I can extrapolate the future is the same straight line. Mind you, the situations did not seem to line up straight at the time but looking back life was perfect, therefore life is perfect, and life will be perfect.

Today, I recognize the Divine Pattern of my life and know that it is Universal Spirit operating as me. I realize that my job is to stay in the wheelhouse of faith and steer life with that rudder. I use the power of my forceful exhalation to take a stand to LET GO of the worry and the outcome and breathe in FAITH in Universal Solution. I AM the in the Divine Flow. I AM Faith.