As difficult as it is to admit, I am not a very patient person. For as much as I have wondered why that is I think that I should have gotten the answer to that by now. The other day, for instance, I planted Cosmo seeds. It pains me to say it but literally, I looked in the garden every day after planting for signs that they were coming up. There was a certain amount of excitement and anticipation as I would walk out to the beds and stare intently for signs of growth. I would not describe what I was doing as being patient BUT I did not dig the seeds up to see if they had broken through the outer shell.

So maybe my definition of patience is the problem. Maybe, once more, it is MY perception that is skewed (not flawed). Perhaps the fact that I did not go digging and destroying to look for signs of life and living was in essence “patience.” I waited for outward signs of growth. The garden is a great metaphor for life. As with life there are cycles and growing times, blooming times, resetting times. Our relationship with the Universal Force is just like this. We plant with the tendency of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. We cultivate with our attention and intention to our deepest desires. Then we wait (with or without patience) for the results.

I said I went to the garden with excitement and anticipation which is a very different cultivation than anxiety and frustration. What does patience look like to you? Are you able to plant and cultivate life’s seeds through job applications, career advancement, first dates, financial savings, a coffee with a friend, or the dream of a creative endeavor?

Today, I recognize that there is a divine Universal time for everything that can neither be rushed nor stretched but just is. I realize that my relationship to this time is what I call patience and I can either anticipate with joy or pace with angst. I no longer need to pray for patience because I have abundant opportunities already to experience this in a whole new way and I am truly grateful for the new perspective. I AM in the Divine Flow. I DO the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason.

Best and Blessed,
Dr. George