This morning my meditation was about living in spiritual luxury. There was a Sanskrit mantra used “Om Ritam Namah” that means my actions and desires are supported by cosmic intelligence. That got me thinking, what do I do on a daily basis that lets the cosmic intelligence know that I want to live in luxury; that I wish to be happy, joyous, and free. What messages do I put out as a beacon to attract what I want out of the Universe? I started waking up every morning and saying “thank you” out loud as a way to attract gratitude from within. That was a start.

I used to wake up and “ugh, I hate mornings.” After my “thank you” I get coffee, meditate and then mindlessly go about feeding the dogs, getting dressed and ready for work. When I reflect on the message out from me during this time it is one of rush and frustration – I just want to get my teeth brushed and “I thought you were DOGS why won’t you eat.” When I reflect on the true messages these are beacons that share with the cosmic intelligence that there is not enough time and I want more frustration. I didn’t realize what my “body” language was sending out. What things in your life do you do subconsciously and send out messages that return something other than what you truly desire?

It goes back to the breath. The one thing we do consistently at least 6 times every minute. Feel the coolness of your breath on your nostril and remember the gratitude – think “thank” on the inhalation and “you” on the exhalation if you have to but get back to gratitude. Or “Om Ritam Namah” if you want to get all Sanskritty about it…either way get back to joy and gratitude if that is what you want more of.

Today, I recognize that there is a cosmic intelligence that is all pervasive throughout all of everything, some call this God, Spirit, NIP (nothing in particular). I realize that it only responds to the tendency of my thoughts, feelings and beliefs. When I am “X” it gives me more “X” thinking that is what I want by what I am putting out. I am grateful to know my own power in this today and I will focus on the light of my beacon. I AM Light of Joy. I AM Light of Peace, I AM Light of Abundance.