Someone asked me the other day if I were a Christian. The question always makes me uneasy but maybe not for the reasons that you think. My answer is that I go to the gym and run on the treadmill but I would not call myself “a runner”, I cook some beautiful meals but “a cook” is not a label that I or anyone would use to describe me. I have danced, done yoga, preached from a pulpit, wrestled, and sold perfume but would never use any of these labels to describe myself. It does not mean that I have no intimate knowledge of the item getting labeled just that I don’t quite fit all of the misperceived connotations of the label.

“Dancer” is such a beautiful label and I wish that truly fit me. In my mind it does. I feel a sense of coordination and grace no matter what I trip over in life. My life flows to a lithe symphony that swells and trills at all of the right moments…ah, I so want that label to fit but I am not a dancer like most would interpret a dancer. What are the labels in your life that other people attempt to place on you? Which ones are you in the practice of accepting? Old, young, fat, childish, selfish, spiritual, loving, graceful, teacher, writer, nurse…and the list goes on. The labels you get from others are not your I AM statements. You get to select these. You get to declare to the Universe who and what you are, have and do.

You have a light that shines so bright within you that whole world can see it even when you are trying to hide it. You have that light, you name that light, you claim that light. A great mystic teacher once declared “I AM the light of the world.” This was a powerful declaration. He did not say “I AM and you’re not” but “I AM and so are you.” I can accept messages like this as truth because of how they feel in my body when I say them. Another great mystic teach said “If you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your path.” Again, it feels true to me.

Today, I recognize that the Light of the Universe is the energy of truth and is present everywhere and in all things. I realize that with labels with attempt to make everything fit a limited understanding. I am grateful that I do not have to limit my understanding of Light and can just feel it shining from within illuminating any darkness. I AM Light!