One of the centering thoughts for a recent meditation I was doing stated, “As I elevate my abundance consciousness, I do my part to heal the world.” It got me thinking about what my part was and was I doing it? Was I doing enough? Am I doing my part to heal the world or am I a hindrance to it? The thoughts started swirling around in my head and I became overwhelmed. I realized that it is my greatest wish and desire to live in a world that is free of hate, violence, bigotry, sickness and despair.

What I have discovered for myself is that thinking about the first quote in the centering thought above “elevate my abundance consciousness,” I was focused on what I didn’t want. I found my thoughts drifted to hate, violence, bigotry, sickness and despair when what I really want to focus on is “world that is free…” It is a small and vital shift in my thinking and my abundance consciousness.

My part, I found my part!!! Shift MY thinking, do MY work, change MY life. I am not responsible for the actions of others and reactions of others. I am responsible to elevate my abundance consciousness around FREEDOM, PEACE, PROSPERITY, JOY, LOVE and the list goes on. I get too easily caught by my own patterns of thought that take me spiraling downward; it is easy to go down. It takes vigilance and work to continue to tend to the trend of my thoughts as a benefit to MY life and therefore the world. I make a stand this day to DO MY PART.

Today, I recognize that there is an energy that swirls around and through all of us waiting to be directed. I realize that MY part is the trend of that energy’s direction. I am grateful that my work is internal and can happen in the safe and loving playground of my heart. I Play, I Love, I Smile, I Sing because that elevates my abundance consciousness. I am Grateful as the first order of the day because that elevates my abundance consciousness. I DO MY Part to heal the world. The world IS Free.

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