Do you ever have to buy a birthday card and just walk in to the card store and grab the first card that remotely says what you want to say, shrug your shoulders, think “that’ll do”, pay and leave? You resign yourself to believe that card is good enough without exploring what could be even more fitting, funny or insightful. The thing is we do this a lot in many areas of life. Consider your physical health for instance; you feel a tickle in your throat or a tightening in your chest and declare to the world your ownership, “I have a cold” or “I am sick.” Or maybe you haven’t been to the gym in a while and declare to the world “I am out of shape” or “I am weak.”

We all have done this at one point in life or another. We have all declared and then argued FOR limitations, lack and illness. There is no judgement for having done this in the past it just is not necessary. Saying that you are sick does not make you well in the same way that declaring you are weak does not make you strong. To be clear, when there is some virus visiting your body temple there are things that you need to do to get your visitor to leave like rest, medicine, fluids, etc. But if you want a visitor to leave you don’t invite them to stay longer or declare them as property. “You are MY unwanted guest forever.” It is laughable.

Instead in consciousness we can make our body temple inhospitable for unwanted limitation, lack and illness by making true declarations about life. Before any of them your body was perfect, whole, complete and healthy, right? And before that your spiritual body IS perfect, whole complete and healthy. This is what gets declared, not just when you are feeling sick but all the time, every day, like a mantra.

Today, I recognize the absolute health and perfection of the Universal Spirit. Everywhere around me I look for and see evidence of health, vitality and wellbeing. I realize that it is my awareness and consciousness that gives me eyes to see the truth about my life. I am grateful to know in my heart, mind and spirit that Health and Wellbeing are my Birthright. I AM Perfect, Whole, and Completely Healthy today and in all ways.