The other day I was thinking a lot about balance. Perhaps it is because I recently started working out again and balance is keenly related to core strength (or so I was told). We throw the word “balance” around quite often whether we are talking about work-life, diet, ambulation, or skin health. I remember thinking that a balanced diet meant that I always ate salad and dessert with dinner. I was fascinated with the concept of the food pyramid and ate myself into obesity with 6-11 servings of grains.

But the pyramid itself is what truly holds the balance in building. Think about building a pyramid with bricks. You can’t possibly build one side then the other they must all be built in concert with each other. The longer each side is then ultimately the higher the top piece of the building and each side is the same length – balance. When my life has been out of balance it was because I was acting out on one or more sides of my life disequally; work, fun, travel, writing, exercise, wine or other substances, people, food…and the list goes on. It is not that one particular thing was out of balance but that the whole picture was off balance. What are the sides of your pyramid? When I think about what I would put boldly on my four sides I would say; Spirituality, Health (physical, mental, emotional), Relationships, and Creative Expression (including career).

If you are anything like me, you just asked “but I only get four?” (with a whiney voice). There is any number of things for your pyramid and if you want to be so bold as to have more sides then I say GO FOR IT. Keep in mind that balance is creating a sense of importance for each side that grows the building of your life to a new peak of freedom.

Today, I recognize that there is a beautiful design and symmetry of the Universe. I see balance in the alignment of planets and rotation of the seasons. I realize that there is a relative importance to all of it and one season is not more important than another just like my life or a facet of my life is not more important than another. Equality is balance in practice. I am so grateful that my life IS in balance today and easily stays in balance. Because of this I grow to new heights of Freedom with a brand new perspective along the way. I AM building my life perfectly. I AM Growing Up.