What is the greatest dream for your life? I remember being paralyzed by this question when I was young because I didn’t really understand what having a dream for my life was. Now that I am older and more experienced I do understand what having dreams can do for my life but if I am honest I still am afraid of this question. There have been so many mixed messages that have been collected over the years with regard to creating and living my dreams. “Oh you are too tall to that.” “Boys don’t usually do that.” “Don’t quit your day job and go into singing.” “There will never be a gay president.” And the list goes on.

My question is why have these messages of “don’t,” “can’t,” “won’t,” and “shouldn’t,” superseded all of the messages I have received and still received of You CAN DO IT! It is akin to walking into a room full of people that love you except for that one person who presumably doesn’t and that is the one person you can’t get out of your mind. If you really look at these circumstances you will find that we do it to ourselves.

Good News, Bad News. If we do it to ourselves we can undo it to ourselves. Where did you get your most positive messages growing up? How about now, where do they come from? If you have surrounded yourself with nay-sayers and negative Nancys then it is time for some new people. BUT if you truly have some people around you that only want what is best for you then it is time to Buddy-Up. This takes action! Call up a friend and let them know that you sometimes listen to old non-lifegiving messages about yourself and you need a friend to share with you the truth about who you are. Share with them your observations about who they are. Make a pact that you will call each other at least once a week to share these truths with each other. Build each other up and help each other realize the dreams that are waiting to blossom.

Today, I recognize the Universal Power of positive community. I realize that I have a responsibility to connect with this community AND do my part to build up another. I am grateful to have partners in the creating and realizing dreams. I AM in community with world. We are all One.