Do you ever wake up sore, tired, or grumpy, or maybe even all of the above? This is the most crucial and most challenging time to put into practice the spiritual work that you do. For instance, the morning after a particularly physical day I can wake up and all of my muscles ache, a lot! I recognize it right off as soon as my eyes open, ugh! It is that “ugh” that immediately sets the tone for my day. I slowly swing out of bed, in pain, walk downstairs, stiff and sore. Everything I do seems to just bring more pain and my muscles seem like they are on fire. STOP, DROP and MEDITATE.

I review why my muscles hurt in the first place. Did I work out in the gym or was I beautifying the garden or something else? I realize that the soreness in my muscles is the building of new and beautiful pathways for growth. My body is speaking to me and letting me know that it is getting even healthier. I have a change in perspective. Instead of “ugh” I now say “thank you” to a healthier body. I enter gratitude.

The same principle applies for any situation. There are more positive chemicals released for your body’s benefit during the emotion of gratitude or love than when you are angry or depressed. It is a chemical and physical fact of our body. In my work sometimes I have to preform what might be painful procedures on people. I sometimes say “I love you” just before the quick shot and you should see the clients face light up with a smile. There is no pain only gratitude for the love.

Today, I recognize the Universal Power of Love and Gratitude even in times when I don’t feel like it. I realize that it is especially essential in the times when I want to be in the drama of how I feel rather than floating in the field of Gratitude. I know that drama is a choice that I am free to make but I also know that I am free to choose to be free of drama also. I am grateful now for the choice. Thank You Spirit for all the ways that I AM growing and changing. I AM Perfect, Whole and Complete.