Did you have a best friend growing up? Are you still friends with that person? Perhaps they are still your best friend today. What if that one, best, special person suddenly appeared at your front door. You open the door to greet them and what? Are you excited to see them, elated even? Do you ask them all about what they have been doing and listen intently and then share your thoughts, feelings and doings with them? Just reading this conjures up theoretical happiness that makes me smile a deep down soulful smile.

Now, what if every day you greeted yourself that same way? What if you were your best friend? You looked into the mirror excited and elated and share openly your inner most thoughts, feeling and doings and listen intently. Would you let your best friend be upset, depressed, angry or sad without trying to find out if there was anything you could do to console them or make it different? Now, try that in the mirror. You do have the power to treat yourself well. You have the power within you to commit to treating that person you see in the mirror as the MOST special person that ever has been in your life. You also have the power to break that person down, insult, degrade and shame that person. What kind of friend are you?

I have actually named this activity of “Doing unto the mirror as you would have done to you.” It is called the nebloG Rule….(Golden backwards). Look in the mirror and ask where you stand, start the conversation, your whole life will change with this simple activity.

Today, I recognize that the Universal Spirit that in the past I might have thought was out there somewhere is right here where I am, within me. I realize that as I look in the mirror I see every bit as much of this Spirit as I look at the majesty of nature. I am so grateful to have this new perspective looking back at me and the opportunity to make it different right now. I don’t need to change how the world treats me just how I treat myself. I AM the friend I see in the mirror. I smile and my friend smiles back. The mirror of Love is infinite.