Have you ever had the experience where you go to bed thinking about how busy your day is supposed to be tomorrow? Maybe you have to get up earlier than usual or you have more activities than are supposed to fit into a normal day. You lay awake a little longer than usual and get up an extra time or two during the night. If you are anything like I am you wake in a rush and not well rested. Everything is hurried and you “don’t have time” for the usual activities that calm and center your day. You might even do this every day.

The obvious question is whether this is present moment consciousness or worrying about tomorrow. I have trouble with tonight because I am worried about tomorrow just doesn’t make logical sense when you say it out loud. There are many paths to get this change but it all starts with a conscious and purposeful effort to WANT to change. Do you want to live in the Now? Is there something you gain from regret over things not done yesterday or worry about things yet to do tomorrow. This is the illusion that we fall into when we fall out of the Now moment. The illusion is that somehow in our mind we can change the past or alter the future. What we place our attention on is nurtured and grows bigger in our consciousness. Worry, sickness, regret, anger, frustration or sadness are not things that I want bigger in my life.

It is my choice what gets my attention. When I think I have nothing else to focus on that I want to grow I turn to the breath. Cool, calm, healing, energizing, life-giving breath; in and out. The breath is the strongest representative in my life for NOW and is ALWAYS with me. This is the practical application of using the breath to bring me out of worry and anxiety.

Today, I recognize Universal substance and energy is around and through me and is as close as my breath. I realize that when I honor my breath with my attention, I honor the present, the gift of NOW. I am grateful that I can pause in the middle of this affirmation NOW for three deep breaths … … … I AM Present. I AM Now. Life is Perfect in this moment.