What words do you use to describe yourself or your life to other people? Are you a chronic over-planner and tell people that you are “suuuper busy” and that your life has been “CRAzy” with all of the dramatic flair you can muster? Are you “really depressed” and don’t know how to snap out of it. “I am an idiot,” “I know I am an asshole,” “duh,” are all things I have heard people say about themselves lately.

The good news, bad news about this is that you have the power to change this self-talk because it is consciousness that is making all of these statements true. My friends tell me that “they are just words and it is not like I mean them or anything.” What if that is not true? What if they are not JUST words but that they set in motion a series of energetic vibrations that make each and every tendency of our self-talk true on some level? Would you constantly tell people you are an asshole then? Gosh, I hope not.

This is a fundamental reason for meditation and affirmation. What is my true desire? How do I want the world to view me? What active steps can I take to be the person doing the things that most makes my heart sing with joy. For me, I had to stop running in circles telling everyone how busy my life was and how crazy things were. I take a breath and mindfully and consciously describe my life in a manner that is life-giving and joyous. “My schedule is abundant and I am inspired by all of the joyous twists and turns in life.” Each circumstance in my life that triggers an old feeling of remorse, regret, anger or sadness is an opportunity for me to grow spiritually.

Today, I recognize that Universe is actually designed for my highest and best life. I realize that it is the tendency of my thought as represented by my words that are the lens from which I view all of life. I have the ability to change how life shows up for me simply by the energy vibration I put out. I AM Happy, Joyous and Free! I declare these words not to make them true but because they are true.