Why is it that some days we wake up with a mind full of all of the things that need doing and the only thing we want to do is go back to sleep? Before I fall asleep sometimes I think about my “To Do” list. It all seems doable and I fall asleep sure that all will be accomplished in the morning. Then something happens deep in the night that unravels all of my plans.

I wake full of anxiety and dread that I won’t accomplish any of the things that I intend to. I start my day already behind because I have hit the snooze too many times and then I am just “dragging.” I judge myself harshly and talk to myself with condemnation and distain. I use judging words like “why”, “always”, “never”, and “should.” I rush around trying to pick up energy like a wind-up toy but only end up running in circles.

It is right about here that there is a crossroad in my day. I have a choice if I am conscious of it. The choice is to STOP and sit, breathe, meditate for even just a second and thank the newness of this day. If I am unconscious I will leave my house and take my self-condemnation out to the world to spread it around like tar. I choose to stop. This is a new day. Everyday is a new day. That “To Do” list came from the past on a day that was lived full of possibility and hope for the future. But yesterday has no bearing on the joy of today!

Today is a NEW day and I recognize the power of this newness. I realize that I hold the key to my perception of this day as a blessing in my present life. I don’t use the past a weapon of judgement but as a tool of learning. I am grateful to have the circulation of my breath to remind me of the new beginning with each inhalation. I begin anew now. I AM the full measure of my Good Today.