Lately I have been playing a game with myself called “Fear or Faith.” I select some random thought that pops into my head and ask the question “Fear or Faith?” For instance, the first thought in my head in the morning is “thank you” to Nothing In Particular (NIP). Is this random thought fear or faith? Of course the answer is Faith.

How wonderful it is that my day starts off in random thoughts of Faith, however, where does it go from there. I think, “there is so much to get done today,” – Fear. Then, “I hope I am not late,” – Fear. Followed by some big ones, “what have I got to share today” and “I wish I could crawl back in bed.” Fear and more Fear.

But how do I turn these random thoughts to Faith and still be authentic about my feelings? It comes down to the words and thoughts that I use regularly. If I go back to the first thought of the day and build from there. “Thank you for the abundance of this day, I know that I will arrive anywhere in just the right time, share the perfect thoughts, have the perfect day and then go to bed satisfied.” – FAITH. Even in writing this last statement I am feeling encouraged and lighter. It gives me the energy and fuel I need to leap into the day knowing I am supported by the Universal Spirit which is NIP.

Today, I recognize the loving support of the Universe. I recognize that my thoughts can be fear-based or Faith-based and I get to make the choice how I wish the tendency of my thought to be. I am grateful that I can find the words to make my fear-based thoughts authentically based in Faith and stand ready to leap into each moment fully present. I AM balanced and strong. I AM resilient.