Did you have a “bully” growing up? Was there that person who you would avoid between classes or out on the playground just because you knew that for whatever reason they had a target painted on you? There was always that stream of self-talk as I would walk out of my class right before lunch that was like sonar on the lookout for “him.”

I guess as I have grown up, the stream of self-talk remained even though the bully was no longer on the playground. In essence, I guess I have become my own bully of sorts. I wake up with an ache or a pain and launch into the mental litany of name calling and self-deprecation. Then I get to the mirror and seek out all of the ways that what I see doesn’t match up to “the ideal.” I look for defects and deficiencies and capitalize on them for my name calling. The other day, I actually called myself “three-eyes” because of a new blemish on my forehead.

It is time for the STOP BULLYING campaign to begin at home. I commit now to a NO TOLERANCE policy on bullying in the quite space of my mind and the reflective space of my mirror. The punishment will be words of self-love. In a chalk board in my mind I will write 100 times, You are perfect, whole complete and beautiful as you are right now and the Universe unfolds for your benefit. I wonder what would have happened to “him” if I had said that to him on the playground. We bully each other to feel equally bad perhaps if we affirm each other we can start to feel equally wonderful.

Today, I recognize that the Universe sees me thought the lens of perfection. I realize that calling out defects and imperfections is a disrespect of this loving Universe. To affirm beauty and perfection is to honor and respect the creative process. I AM Respect. I AM Beauty.