Do you ever find yourself in one of those moods that make you think, “nothing can go right?” Then you set about proving it. Someone cuts you off in traffic and you smack the steering wheel (or worse) and think “see, I told you nothing!” Then more things happen that solidify your world view that today is a bad day and nothing can go right. Things happen at work, maybe you spill coffee on your desk, there is a miscommunication with a co-worker or spouse, more traffic on the way home…and the list continues. What if, instead of nothing going right, it is your thinking and consciousness around things not going right that makes this trend continue?

I have a friend who says “I don’t have bad days, I have a bad moment that I hold on to for a day.” Think about that. What am I consciously holding on to longer than is necessary that leads to a tendency of thought about my life? Perhaps I re-affirm the tendency by how I show up in the world: show up grumpy leads to a bad mood.

Now I am thinking “great, so I am supposed to be a Pollyanna all day and pretend that everything is peachy?” The answer to this is simply, no. There is no need to pretend but there is no need to over-dramatize everything either. I find that my most wonderful life lessons, when looking back, were learned in my most frustrating times. There is peace in knowing that it is all on purpose. In Sanskrit the mantra “Om Varunam Namah” means “My life is in harmony with cosmic law.”

Today, I recognize the purposefulness of the Universe. I realize that I have choice in how I interpret the messages I receive in the world. I don’t have to pretend to like them all but I can choose to be at peace even when I am learning deep lessons. I am grateful to have tools like mantra and breathing to “snap” me out of things. I AM flexible, powerful and balanced.