Came to a frightening realization the other day when I was in the midst of being frustrated, irritated and generally feeling blah…I was using the power of intention to feel that way. Yeah, that news landed like a lead balloon BUT it is true. Intention, as I have stated before, is a Universal power like gravity, that is always there waiting for my attention to attract the power into my life’s quests and live life in a “new” way.

What came to me that day was a statement that I have heard many many times “if you want to know what you believe, look at your life.” If you want to know what you are intending in your life look at what is showing up for you. It is pretty simple. At this point, I felt like breaking down and having a tantrum like a three-year old. I was frustrated, irritated and blah so that means that I was intending these qualities to show up somehow. When I reflect on my actions that day, I was sighing a lot, walking heavy, and had a “tone” in my voice…you know the tone.

The Universe was just responding according to my actions which said please send more of that my way. So, the question is, how do I stop that when I am in the middle of it? The answer is always the same…with consciousness and attention to what I truly intend for my life. I intend to be happy, joyous and free. I intend to care for my body and my family in abundant and prosperous ways. I intend to be a bright and loving force in the world around me. No sigh, no stomp, no tone…just love. Period. I just wrote my life’s intentions, what are yours?

Today, I recognize the power of intention is the Universal force that propels my life in an exciting new way. I realize that I have the steering wheel for that propulsion. With my attention to Love I can steer my life in the way which best serves my world, my community, my family and myself. I write and speak my intentions now. I AM Love. I AM Peace. I AM Joy.