Sometimes I am in awe at the little things or events in my life that have led to really big things. In Chaos Theory it is called the Butterfly Effect. I just call it – Life. There have been so many situations in my life that seemed small at the time but have led to something huge in the long run; too many to list.

The point is that I had no idea at the time where they would lead and I was not consciously attempting to direct my life in one particular way or another. Had I known then what I know now I may have avoided things like addiction or prison. BUT as soon as I started using Intention as a force in my life things began to happen “as if by magic.” Again, remember these are not the big, huge, life things but the little things.

For instance, on my drive to work there is a corner that always makes me frustrated and impatient so I have started avoiding that corner and taking a different path to work. I arrive at work more calm and ready to start the day. The day seems to go smoothly and everyone I encounter seems…happier. Not only that but ever since I stopped being frustrated on the way to work I have stopped being frustrated AT work. All it took was turning one street sooner on my way in – a seemingly little thing. What little thing are you willing to change to witness the big benefit in your life? Are you willing to smile more? Show more gratitude? Hold a door open for someone behind you?

Today, I recognize that small course changes can lead to new places. I realize that I can navigate the ship of my life by being kind, generous, considerate and loving. I am grateful to know the power of a sweet “hello” or kind word and I start in the mirror. I Love myself and the person that I AM becoming. I AM Grateful.