Do you ever find yourself thinking “THEY just don’t understand?” Or when you are attempting to justify why something is a particular way you say it is because of “them. Sometimes I get caught up in this spiral of victim hood whereby there is always a “they” or a “them” that seems to take up an opinion that is opposed to mine. It seems so easy to rely on “the other” to be at fault or in opposition. Sometimes I think that the duality is so ingrained that we really have to work at seeing the oneness of it all.

I ask myself, “who are ‘they?’” Who truly is the other in my life that is against me? When I take an honest assessment of this question it is challenging to place a name or a face to the question. So why then does it seem to be true that there is conflict? Is it really just inside my mind?

Perhaps it is the case that I am my own “they” or “them” that what I truly need is to enter a loving and caring relationship with myself. There is relief in knowing that I do not need to seek outside of myself to find all of the many people who I think might be against me and change them. All I need to do is to change the relationship that I have with myself for true peace.

Today, I recognize that there is Universal Peace present everywhere. I realize that everywhere is within me also and that there is no escaping Peace. I am so grateful that I can fall back into the loving arms of Peace present in the quiet of my own mind and know that I am in right relationship with myself. I LOVE myself. I LOVE my mind. I AM at Peace.