I recently took a trip to Southern California for the day. I was given one of those maps of Los Angeles that rental car companies give. You know the type that can only be unfolded in one pattern and usually never gets folded back up right unless you memorize the pattern. I am drawn into that unfolding and realize that my life is like that map. I can’t force one side open before I have diligently unfolded all of the accordion folds on the other side.

There IS a Divine pattern to the map and to my life. Have you ever played the “what if” game? What if I had not gone to prison or been addicted to drugs where would I be in my life today? It is a silly game that has only two endings; either I am beating myself up for all of the ways that my life has unfolded that I want to judge OR I am accepting all of the ways that my life has unfolded and realize that I can’t be right here without this unfolding. It all matters what part of the map I am looking at as opposed to what part of the map I WANT to be looking at.

When I was sitting in prison the “what if” game looked very different and I could not wait to unfold a different perspective, such is life for me now. Do you accept, love, appreciate the view of your life right now? Can you see how you got to this point and enjoy the process of growth and change or are you in the “middle” of it…crossing the fold into a new perspective. There is a Divine pattern to my life but it is unfolded according to the tendency of my thought about it. Frustration, anger and resentment only lead to a front seat full of crumpled up map. Patience, Love, Tolerance and Acceptance offers a way of gentle unfoldment to a beautiful new perspective.

Today, I recognize the beauty of the Universal unfolding. I realize that my life is perfectly blossoming according to prescribed patterns and nurtured by the quality and tendency of my thinking, actions and beliefs. I honor my body, mind and spirit and know that I can be grateful for where I have been and where I am going and exist in peace in this present moment of acceptance. My life unfolds perfectly. I AM on the right path. I AM present.

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