Lately, I have to use my glasses for more and more activities. I have denied it, resisted it, got mad at it but the situation remains that sometimes the words get all blurry. I remember asking one day out loud “why is this happening?” The nice person standing next to me said it was because I was aging and that it happens to all of us. What I really was asking is WHY is it happening? Over time the lenses in the eye become less flexible and less reactive – stiff and apathetic, if you will. My outer sight is affected by this rigidness and non-responsiveness.

I wonder if my inner sight gets affected by the same issue. As I get “older” am I becoming inflexible in my inner sight and self-talk. Are the words I use stiff and apathetic? Is it as if I am slowly becoming blind to the fact that I once was a beautiful child with a smile that could light up a room with Joy? What if this inner blindness is also spiritual dementia? What if I not only can’t see my inner perfect core but I also am slowly forgetting who I am too?

This inner sight and inner knowing is spiritual muscle. Like with any muscle it has to be used or it will atrophy. What are the “glasses” that I can use on my internal sight? Affirmation, meditation, consciousness can all help with seeing clearly that I am a Perfect, whole harmonious being. Making a daily commitment to Love and gratitude is another way I can exercise these muscles. What are the words I use to the world and to the mirror? Do those words reflect the Truth of the Core of my Being? How can I get back to that beautiful child who lights up a room with Joy?

Today, I recognize that the Universe birthed me as a perfect being, capable, joyful, peaceful and complete. I realize that it is my responsibility to use my spiritual body and exercise the muscles of it daily. I know that I can see myself clearly through the use of Affirmation and Meditation and I am grateful. I see the Joy. I see the Peace. I have Perfect sight.