Have you ever said something to be funny and it “sinks like a lead balloon?” Whenever it happens to me I think, “wow, these people don’t have much of a sense of humor.” Then I notice that I start encountering people who activate in me a sense of superiority and perfectionism whereby “no one seems to be doing anything right.”

If I am oblivious to what is going on I can spend the whole day there and find at the end of the day I am riding high and alone on big perfect, superior, high-horse – frustrated, lonely, tired and feeling defeated just wanting to go to bed. However, if I am in tune with what is happening I realize that it is not everyone else who has lost their sense of humor but it was ME.

I have officially started “taking myself too seriously!” It is a harmful and dangerous place for me to be because what happens is I begin to separate myself from my community, coworkers, friends, family and God. I slowly become a humorless jerk with unreasonable expectations and unquenchable needs. No one wants one of those in their life.

The anecdote is laughter (after awareness). WHEN I realize what I am doing and I have stopped thinking that everyone except me has lost their cool. I can laugh at the fact that once more I have “done it again.” I don’t need to beat myself up, tear myself down, or get all serious about it (haven’t I done that enough). I just need to suck it up and laugh it off, really. Usually, it is something that I have blown out of proportion or have no control over anyway so laughing just feels better than sulking.

Today, I recognize that although serious things happen in the Universe, they can easily be held lightly. I realize that my life has the ability to soar to new heights if I am not weighed down by the shackles of selfish seriousness. I am grateful to let go of these chains. I Laugh. I Smile. I Play. I LOVE.