Do you have anyone in your life who seems like they have to cut everyone down in order to feel better? Maybe you do that, or maybe I do and I don’t even realize it. The spiritual consciousness around such behavior is really damaging to everyone involved. In fact, if the goal is to cut everyone down then success is assured just by the activity. Just think about the activity in your own life – say driving for instance. Some driver who seems that they need to get to wherever they are going faster than you, the car in front of them, speeds up and speeds past you. Your response is to call the driver a choice name or two, perhaps practice some unapproved ASL, and honk your horn. You drive on frustrated that someone would be such a jerk. When you get to where you are going you carry that same frustration in with you and treat others you encounter with the same frustration.

The same consciousness can be used, however, to build everyone up. “A rising tide floats all boats.” A rise in consciousness will start to bring in the tide of all consciousness. If today, I am just a bit more mindful in my treatment of others and myself then the whole world will benefit even at a very small degree. Using the same example of the driver, perhaps when he speeds around me I can slow down or pull over and allow him to pass, bless him out loud in his journey and wish him success in getting where he needs to go safely. Then smile. (I am not talking about the Steel Magnolias-type of “Bless him” and smile either) A true, loving, smile full of joy. You get to where you are going and continue to bless and build up others around you. You offer encouragement and love and the tide of consciousness rises.

Today, I recognize that Universal consciousness is affected by individual consciousness. I realize that I play an integral roll in how I choose build or tear down Universal consciousness. I choose to build it up with love and gratitude. I AM a builder. I AM a leader. I AM a lover.