How well do you think you know yourself? I am constantly amazed when I find out new things about myself, my wants, desires, pet peeves, etc. I would like to think that I know me better than anyone would know me but I wonder sometimes if that is true. Frequently, I am discussing the need for self-acceptance presumably because it is something that I feel that I need; but wouldn’t it be easier to accept something that you truly knew about.

For instance, I am surprised each time I encounter crowds of people and I find myself uncomfortable. I have no idea when or where this started and I judge myself harshly for it. When I want to be having a good time in the crowd of people that are my friends I spend most of my time up in my head having a ravaging conversation about how deficient I am that I can’t have a good time. The catch-22 is truly frightening. It is not just crowds but it is about many facets of my life. If we were two separate people I would declare that we just really didn’t know each other. So it is time to change that. It is time to consciously and intentionally get to know myself.

There is no better way than dating…don’t worry I am talking about dating yourself. Remember when you have been on a first date or first few dates and you are on your very best behavior and trying to get to know the other person (really to see if you want another date). It is time to take yourself on a date. Try a quiet walk or an intimate dinner. When you are alone, ask yourself, “so what do you like to do?” Find out what brings you joy, peace, laughter, gratitude. Discover, by asking, what makes you feel insecure or unsure of yourself. Do you have phobias? Do you believe in God? Do you like to travel? What is your favorite color? All of these type of questions we take for granted that we know the answers to and that we “know” ourselves. Then we spend a lifetime beating ourselves up because we don’t have self-acceptance. It is time for the abuse to stop.

Today, I recognize that the Universe expansive. I realize that in order to really get to explore out in the world I need to know this person I am exploring with. I take time today to working on my relationship with my loving self. I am discovering who I am with intention and attention to myself. I Accept Myself. I Love Myself. I know what brings me Joy.