Sometimes I get so tired of hanging around this guy who is always putting me down. It seems that everything I do just is not good enough. The funny thing is that sometimes I don’t even realize that he is watching what I am doing or even paying attention until I catch a glimpse of him in a window or mirror reflection.

Suddenly, I realize that this guy is never going to leave me alone. He is as close as my breath and as far away as my toes. After all this time, I suppose it is time to find out what he wants and see if there is any way that he could just be happy or satisfied with anything that I am doing. I sit down to have a conversation in front of a full length mirror (I don’t want him to trick me by crossing any fingers).

It would seem that I do all the talking and he just sort of listens and mimics me. Watching him mimic me I realize that I can use that to have him show me the love and appreciation that I truly desire. I smile, he smiles. I laugh, he laughs. I show warm appreciation, he shows warm appreciation. Suddenly, I feel better and don’t even remember what the problem was. I promise him that we will have this conversation every day and I will do my part in this relationship to be the man he wants me to be.

Today, I recognize that the field of all potential rests in my reflection. I realize that my relationship to it begins and ends with me. I am grateful to have the power to change my tone of how I talk to my closest friend. I Love the person I see in the mirror. I AM enough.