Have you ever had a thought about someone you haven’t seen in a while and then your phone rings and it is them or you run into them randomly in the store? What a coincidence, right? If you believe in coincidence, great, if not then what would it be? Actually, it doesn’t really matter what you call it or believe it to be because there in your life is the person whom you called in. Co-incident actually means fitting together or happening at the same exact time in the same exact way.

Whether it is coincidental or divine intervention or magic there is some energy somewhere which propelled that situation to happen. In my life it happens too often for it to be some random freak occurrence. Let’s assume that it is an energy pull that has caused this meeting to happen. What if you can draw any energy to you by the same means? What if the first thing you think, say or do in the morning is the tendency of your whole day?

I just got chills…how many days have I pulled up the covers and tried to run from my day only to have that bad mood chasing me all day long like a horror film. Little things like saying thank you, excuse me, compliments to others, and commenting on the beauty of the day will serve to energetically pull more of that into your consciousness. Like the Folger’s commercial…the best part of waking up is “Thank You” in your cup.

Today, I recognize that the Universe is divinely set up to deliver exactly what I want. I realize that I place my order by the tendency of my thought, my actions, and my words spoken. I am grateful that I can choose to change my order anytime by changing the way I show up. I no longer choose anxiety, anger, fear, and self-loathing. Instead, I make a conscious choice for Gratitude, Love, Acceptance and Joy. I Am at Peace with my choices today. I choose my coincidence.