Have you ever walked into a room full of people and mentally you feel like you just walked into one of those fun house of mirror places? As you look around, you suddenly feel too big, too small, too thin, too fat, too stupid, too smart, invisible, bigger than life, and insignificant all in the same moment. It is so hard to comprehend the flood of emotions in that moment but what I am sure of in that moment is the fact that if there became a clear reason to leave the room I would take it in a second. I am so uncomfortable looking around, especially if I don’t know anyone. I will make up their whole life story in my head simply from the look on their face.

When I am unconscious of these moments I can have physical, mental and emotional manifestations that look, feel and act like anxiety. When I become conscious of what I am doing I then can make a choice about staying in the anxiety or doing something to break out of it. I turn to the person next to me and ask some simple ice breaking question.

Instantly, I am retracted back into my own body by the energy of my action, like a rubber-band snapping back to its relaxed state. It doesn’t take much to snap out of the self-obsessed fear of a new situation but it does take one necessary ingredient – Action. If you want to feel different, you have to do something different. Some would even call this “Acting as if” – as if I am comfortable.

Today, I recognize that the Universe is playground for my growth in action. I realize that I have the choice to stand on the sidelines and fret about how frightened I am or get in and take action to change this feeling. I am grateful that my feelings are NOT reality. I am grateful that my feeling will NOT hurt me. I am grateful that I know Action is the anecdote to fear. I AM comfortable in this moment now. I AM at peace in my body. I AM Action.