The other day I stepped back and looked at my life because I found myself tired. I was physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally getting exhausted and I wanted to find a time to recharge. “Yeah, right!” was the answer that I received from my Outlook calendar. I had packed myself in so tight that there was not time for any rest and recharge. But rest and recharge may be the most important part of building a strong life.

If you look at all of it as muscle, it is being ripped up and broken down when we go, go, go all the time. It is only in the resting period that muscle begins to rebuild and get stronger. So, I physically take it easy. Then I find that I am still getting tired. The answer is that I am not encouraging other kinds of muscle to get stronger: emotional, spiritual, and mental muscle. I need to find rest for these aspects as well.

Emotional muscle gets rested and rebuilt when I play and let go of ripping up deep emotional feelings. Mental muscle gets to rest and rebuild also when I play because I don’t have to think deep thoughts…just play. Now that I think about it, there is a spiritual floating quality during my playtime that has me connected to Spirit but not actively and intentionally “steering” life. I may have just found the answer to being exhausted – I need to Play more. Fun, giggling, silly, shallow, goofy, active Play. Perhaps, this is why children grow so fast; physical, mentally, emotionally and spiritually because playtime is an essential majority of their foundation.

Today, I recognize the need to Play and that the Universe is a HUGE playground. I realize that I have the choice to put my “nose to the grindstone” (ouch) or laugh a little or A LOT. I am grateful for the laughter and the choice. I look for opportunities EVERY MOMENT to play during my day and infuse my life with the restorative salve of PLAYTIME. I AM Young, I AM Healthy, I AM a Superhero…where’s my cape and goggles….