Have you ever looked at a baby’s face and all of a sudden it lights up with a huge smile and a brilliant “light” that magnifies love in the room? I wonder what makes that happen. When and why does this ability to light up a room with love ever stop as humans? It is not because we don’t get our way because there are frequent times that babies don’t get their way and yet they still seem to ignite a room.

Perhaps, it happens slowly, as we forget who we really are. Maybe, just maybe, it is only this beautiful baby that truly knows exactly who they are and as we get older we slowly obscure this light with our veiled self-knowledge. It is not enough to say or think “I want that light back in my life” because that light is still there. What I need to do is to peel away the layers of unserving self-knowledge; like unrealistic fear, self-doubt, anger, resentment, unworthiness, shame, guilt. As the layers slip away, the light shines through a bit brighter.

For the truly “enlightened” individual the original light is just as bright as it always has been. The only perception of a diminished light is because of a lamp shade of some unworthy message attempting to keep light hidden. News Flash – light can’t hide! It is there waiting to be exposed and for myself I need to do the work to peel off the shades.

Today, I recognize that the Light of a million suns burns brightly in my smile. I realize that there is no energy or power in a star that is not in my heart. I set my intention today to lift off the blinds of unworthiness even just a little bit by efforting to witness my light. I repeat in the mirror today – I AM Worthy. I AM a Brilliant Light in the world. My Light ignites the room.