Have you ever worried yourself sick? It is a really thing. Worry. It is a powerful and attractive emotional attachment that can bring about the most amazing occurrences. I remember years ago I had this old Mercedes 250. Someone told me that I needed to watch out for those things because the gas filter always goes bad. I found myself in a constant state of worry anytime there was a lurch or a surge from the engine until one day the gas filter finally went bad. “See, I knew it,” I thought. But it is a chicken/egg story really. What came first? Did I somehow attract this filter to go out by being in the constant state of worry?

I am not interested in following this train of thought where it could lead with regard to some ailments, however, I can speak to what I know about MY body. When I use powerful words, thoughts and emotions that begin with I AM statements or I Have statements then I am calling in that which I desire. You will never hear me say, anymore, “I am sick” or “I have a cold.” I just refuse to take ownership of such things. This does not negate the fact that there are times when my body becomes host to such visitors BUT they are not mine to keep. The same can be said for a random ache or pain that you may be experiencing. A friend of mine was sure that a pain she was having was a bulged disc in her back. The doctor said it was only a pulled muscle. This back and forth to the doctor went on for a few months with her knowing for sure it was a bulged disc and being told after many diagnostics that it was only a pulled muscle. One day, she finally got her wish – a bulging disc.

What is it that you are vehemently arguing for which actually is NOT your desire? Loneliness, heartache, pain, disease, ailments, lack…and the list goes on. Observe your language about these topics, watch what you tell the Universe about them, are you asking for them by your worry?

Today, I recognize that there is a YES quality to the Universe. I realize that worry about what I don’t want can actually bring it about just by my showing it nurture and attention (even negative attention). I no longer focus on those things that I don’t want but instead I am grateful for those things that I do want. I am grateful for my healthy body, agile mind, lithe flexibility, and unlimited abundance. I Attract that which I AM.