Have you ever just felt grateful and you really had no specific reason why? You wake up in the morning and your body feels refreshed. You start your day and there is energy and a pep that is present in each one of your steps. The drive to work is calmer and more patient. Everything at work just seems to go perfect, like a choreographed ballet. You go to a new place for lunch have the juiciest sandwich you have ever experienced. The day just seems to be going right today.

Maybe out of suspicion you start to entertain thoughts of doubt and fear creeps in, just for a second, “how could this be, what is going to go wrong?” This is the most crucial time in the day. Recognize those thoughts for what they are, magnets for disaster, thank them for sharing and watch them pass by. Remember the gratitude you woke with and your steps and your drive to work. Reflect on the juiciness of the sandwich. Recall that perfect conversation with a co-worker.

When you start to have moments of doubt, despair, frustration or even anger, go back to find something, anything to feel gratitude for. Gratitude is the MOST generative emotion. You will find in this exercise that you did not feel thankful for the day starting right but instead your day went well because of your gratitude. Everyday can!

Today, I recognize the Universal Power encoded in the words “Thank You.” I realize that I my mind and heart cannot hold be frustrated or ego-based when focused on gratitude. I know how wonderful it feels to be thankful for my life and all moments in it and I relish that feeling. My choice every moment is Gratitude or crisis and I choose Gratitude in this moment right now. This is the Perfect Now, I AM the Perfect One. My life unfolds Gracefully from this point forward. Thank You.