You hear a lot of talk about humans being transmitters of energy. I used to think things like this were woo woo and hooey because I didn’t really understand it. Just because I didn’t understand it didn’t mean that it wasn’t true. I find that today, I still don’t really understand how it all works but I have demonstrated and accepted that it is true in my life. BUT, even if you don’t understand it or accept for yourself lets “act as if” it were true.

Suppose you, as a human, are an energy transmitter (and receiver). If it helps you can consider a radio station. Are you a firey, bigoted, opinionated, fringy, screechy, whiny radio talk-show or perhaps a new-age, smooth jazz, easy-listening, light some incense, love song station? What do you transmit? What are you tuned to? I was listening to a meditation by one of my spiritual teachers and the centering thought was “I use my energy to heal and transform.” What if your transmitter had this kind of power? What I know is that human beings are far more powerful than most of us give ourselves credit of being. I have seen it too many times in my life.

When I truly give my attention and thoughts to healing and transformation great things happen, “as if by magic.” The kind of attention and intention that I am referring to here is not some lip-service attempt at holding some positive thoughts but truly changing the tendency of my thoughts with vigilant ritual daily. Ritual does not take much time, just attention. Start with 2 minutes, then 5, then as many as you are comfortable with. For 2 minutes focus on transmitting the energy that you truly see will heal, transform and change the world around you. Focus on your breath and watch as your breath goes out into the world and grows Peace and Abundance; Unity and Community, or Joy and Love.

Today, I recognize that the Universal Presence is poised and receptive to my energy. I realize that I transmit continuously into it. I am no longer frightened by what my transmission might do in the world but instead focus on what I wish for healing and transformation for the all around me. My station is tuned in to Love, Peace, Joy and Abundance. I AM transmitting and receiving that which I truly desire.