I love the word “present.” There is so much there. It can be the now moment, attentiveness, awareness, listening, community, an offering or a big mystery wrapped in pretty paper with a fluffy bow just pregnant with possibilities. It can also be all of these things all at once. Each noun and verb sitting on the tip of a pin.

When I really look at the truest meaning of “the present” I am struck by it being the only place where I am at any time and the only thing that truly matters. Everything else is an illusion of the future or a memory of the past. Everything else is a wisp of nothingness and completely unchangeable and out of my control. How sweet it is to have this precious gift of “the present”, presented for my enjoyment, my awareness and my attention. But there I am digging around in the dirt of the buried past or grasping at clouds of the future and this present is just patiently sitting literally at the tip of my nose.

It is in the tip of my nose, in my nostrils that I feel the joy of the present. With every breath I have the opportunity to witness the NOW moment. With every breath I can be reminded about what truly matters. With every breath I can be catapulted into Peace. I can start this right NOW.

Today, I recognize the Peace that is in my breath. I realize that I have this magical tool for remembering the present. I stay gratefully steeped in the strung-together NOW moments of my life and I am at Peace. I AM Present. I breathe Life into my Awareness.