You know when you hit the ‘Snooze’ button just to get 5 more minutes of sleep and when you finally roll over and look at the clock 40 minutes have gone by. Perhaps you panic for a second thinking about all of the things that you were supposed to do in that last 40 minutes and wondering how you will ever get it all done now. Then you realize that you were still tired and that last extra 40 minutes didn’t do anything for you except make you panic.

What I have come to realize for my own body is that I need a certain, and defined, amount of sleep but beyond that is simply a luxury. What I need more than anything that sleep can give me is the calm that I get from waking up and starting my morning ritual.

Expression of gratitude, coffee, quiet, breathing, meditating on nothing at all, and a little writing and I am fully awake and ready for the day to come. I don’t believe that I achieved this readiness from my sleep cycle but from the preparation of my spiRITUALality. Keeping ritual fully centered in my spirituality keeps me centered in my day. It is a lot easier than it seems and quite simply it can take me about 10 whole minutes to get fully present (only 5 of it is meditation for anyone fearful of how long that takes).

Today, I recognize that there is a Universal Force waiting for me to connect to it. It is always present, like air. I realize that it is my conscious connection to it that is the key to my life. I will put that key in the lock and turn it now. I AM Connected to the Universe. I AM One.

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