Isn’t guilt a funny emotion? I do so much of my life fueled by guilt yet when asked I say “I don’t feel guilty, guilt has to be accepted not given…” I guess I think that I am being funny in saying this and that if I don’t accept the guilt being thrown to me than I don’t feel guilty. Wrong! At least for me. If that is the case, why do I find myself doing things I don’t want to do just because I feel like I “should” and who is telling me that I should anyway.

Guilt, guilt, guilt…I think that guilt is just fear of the what ifs. What if I don’t see that person before they die or what if I don’t get to that one place in time then will people view me poorly? All of this is driven by how I feel about myself and my own motivations! Repeat…All of this is driven by how I feel about myself and my own motivations! It is, once again, an inside job. No one CAN make me feel guilty, I get that privilege all on my own.

So what is the anecdote to guilt? The closest I can come up with is three things: Acceptance, Love, and Commitment. When I accept a situation as it stands then I do not need to feel anything about wanting it to be different. When I come into each life situation full of love then everything I do is fueled by that love and it can no possibly be better than love-filled. And when I am truly to committed to the people and things in my life that commitment shines through no matter what might be thrown at me. If I love and I am committed to my niece and can’t be there for her graduation from college – guilt is UNNECESSARY! It also does not change the fact that I cannot be there.

Today, I recognize that God – The Universe – is not set up for me to feel guilt. I realize that this is a human emotion that is based in fear and shame and does not serve the greater good. I make a commitment to stop allowing myself to be driven by guilt but instead I AM driven by Acceptance. I Am Love. I am Committed to my life.