In the book, “Drugs, Food, Sex and God” I talk about Threats to Progress. I frequently get asked about what exactly I am talking about in this part of the GIFTS chapter. It is actually easier to understand than I first thought. Truly, a Threat to my progress is anything that is real that can get in the way of my life. For instance, recently I have had some life stuff come up with my family. Plans had to change and there were some big decisions that had to be made.

I didn’t think about drinking or using drugs (which are obvious threats to progress) but what did happen is that I started noticing that I was doing and saying things that identified that I was experiencing self-pity. I found myself frustrated and upset that plans needed to change. I was irritated that I wasn’t able to “do what I want.” I was mad because people were not responding how I wanted them to and felt guilty about things outside of my control. All of these things when I truly look at them pointed to self-pity.

That luxury is one of my Threats to Progress and when left unchecked can ruin my moment, my day, my week or even my life. Just being aware of the threats to my life is a big part of the process and why I put it so prominently in my inventory of GIFTS. After all, life is super easy when everything is going “your way” but it takes vigilance and perseverance when things are out of your control. This is where the true work of a life lived with intention really shows up.

Today, I recognize that there is a Universal Plan. I realize that it does not always fit with my view of self-importance. I know that my work is to be humble in the experience of all life and understand that it is in these moments of challenge that I find my greatest opportunities. Knowing what threatens my spiritual life sets me free. I AM the expressed plan of the Universe in all that I do. I See God in all of it.