The other day I said to someone, “do you know how powerful you are?” It was clear from her response (she broke into tears) that she really had no concept of it or she had forgotten her true self.

The truth is that from the very start of life we are emboldened with all of the power of the Universe. There is a pattern to how we are formed in the womb. There is a methodology to how we mentally, physically and spiritual develop over our life span. There is a power in the purposefulness of all of it. Then why do I have days when I feel like I just suck?!!

The answer to this question is actually simple, stark, harsh and complete – I have forgotten how powerful I am! Let me be clear, I am not talking about ego-based power. What I am referring to here is spiritual based power. I have the power to muscle a smile out of the grip of a crying baby, I have the power to lighten someone’s spiritual load with the simplicity of a hug, I have the power to transform a mountain of guilt and shame with an ounce of forgiveness. I have the power that is in all of the world’s mystics, teachers, gurus, guides and historical great figures – and guess what – SO DO YOU! That power is Love.

Today, I recognize myself in the Universe. I realize that all that is “out there” is “in here” too. I know that my power does not come from anywhere but is drawn into my awareness from within my being. I AM Powerful. I AM LOVE.