I am not sure which emotional course is stronger for me; the need to be right or the loath to be wrong. It seems at the outset that these are the same thing but they come from two different places, at least they do for me. My need to be right is from this place of ego-centered desire to be recognized by the world. The loathing to be wrong is from a place that is so dark and foreboding because the individual circumstance of wrong is just a marker for what becomes complete ‘wrong’ throughout my entire being.

I don’t know why being incorrect about something takes me to this place but if I am honest sometimes it does…(honestly – most times it does.) But why??? What is so difficult in saying, “huh, I must have been incorrect in my knowledge about this situation or circumstance. I am grateful to now have a different perspective.” The truth is that there is nothing difficult about ‘saying’ it, feeling it is the difficulty.

Somewhere in the past, I picked up the message that if some piece of me is wrong then all of me is wrong. It is not accurate or logical but it is part of what makes up my insecurities. I get the opportunity to practice in life making mistakes without being a mistake. This is the work that there is to do to get rid of shame from the past.

Today, I recognize that the perfection of the Universe is my perfection. I realize that there are times when I can operate in life with incorrect information or action but this does not make my whole life a mistake. I have the ability to correct information and promptly admit my mistakes and move forward in love. I am not afraid to be mistaken. I AM Perfect, Whole and Complete. There is nothing that needs to be added, subtracted, multiplied or divided about my being.