Yesterday, a thought struck me, “if we are not centered, where are we?” There are so many possible answers to this riddle. We could be frazzled, scattered, distracted, outside ourselves, or off-center, just to name a few.

But when I started to drill down into this conundrum (a word I promised myself I would use someday) I found that in the purest sense there is no way that we cannot be “centered.” We may not “feel” that way. We may feel frazzled or scattered but our feelings are NOT our reality and truth. The truth is that we are more like a Weeble than anything else that came to mind. Remember the Weeble? “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.” There is always a centering point for the Weeble to come back to, a grounding weight that keeps the toy upright. We all have that same type of centering point. It never leaves us. For some of us, at some points in life, it feels lost, we feel lost, we feel off-center.

But the truth is that the centering point is always there. For me, I use my breath to remind me of my center bearing in mind that my centering point is far less tangible than my breath but nonetheless there. I breathe in, I breathe out, I feel the cool sensation on the inside of my nose (in my mind not my finger otherwise you look like your picking). Then, for that split second, I am centered. My work is to try and extend that split second to seconds, minutes, and hours in a day. I remember the Weeble however, and know that when I am not in that centered place I am wobbling around center and very close.

Today, I recognize my Universal Center. I realize that I don’t need to seek, search, beg or hope that it is there, I just need to know it. I can use something as close as my own breath as a representation to know when it is there and consciously connect with that. I am grateful for the energy of this connection and know that it is in that energy that I thrive. I AM a Weeble. I AM Centered.