I was talking to a friend the other day who said to me, “I feel broken.” I struck me hard and I did not know how to respond. She seemed complete to me, put together, motivated and grounded. From the outside looking in she seemed the exact opposite from broken.

I started reflecting on my own life and when I have “felt” broken, deficient, or less than whole. I realized that looking back on my life at these points they were the pivotal starting points for major growth and change. I took this question into meditation, “what is it to be broken?” It was only a few cycles of my breath and I was struck with two images.

The first was a baby chick with a broken, shattered egg shell surrounding her fluffy glory and the second was the sliver of green/white root peeking out from a broken seed shell. Each of these images said just one message to me, “broken is necessary for growth.” In my darkest hours of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual prisons I am nurtured like a seed in the dirt ready to break and when I am broken I then have the ability to grow into my next yet to be.

Today, I recognize that the Universe is encoded within each of us like the DNA of a seed. I realize that I cannot stay safely enshrouded within the confines of the shell of old ideas. I am grateful for the energy to breakout and for the old ideas to be broken. I AM Free to grow. I AM Whole.