Ever wonder what is the speed of karma? You hear people all the time saying “he better look out, karma is a b#$ch.” It just makes me wonder…how long does a person have to wait for karma to come around and take effect. Then there is the question of “bad” versus “good” karma. Who or what is the karma judge?

What if the answer about speed is NOW and the answer of judgement is neither? Perhaps karma is just the ripple effect of the Universe and what you put out instantly comes back like ripples from a stone off the side of a shore come right back to the spot where the stone went in, without judgement. There are so many statements that resonate with this instantaneous, judgement free sentiment. There must be truth to it. You receive what you give. You get out of life what you put into life. Even, “you are what you eat” resonates with the same sort of karmic law.

So, in my life, my truest desire is for peace and joy. The question is, do my actions match up with my desires? Am I putting out peace and joy with, not just some of my actions, but all or at least most. If you are anything like me, you just had a thought…that sounds like a lot of work. The bottom line for my life though is that the results are worth the work.

Today, I recognize the Universal Law also called karma as an instantaneous and impersonal law. I realize that what I put out instantly comes back to me even if I don’t see its effect right away. I am grateful to know that all of my actions are those I would want in my life. I put out peace, I AM Peace. I put out joy, I AM Joy. The Universe mirrors back what I AM.