Have you ever felt stuck? Kind of a silly question I know but the kind of stuck I am talking about is that kind of stuck where you want to do something but you feel like your hands are tied and literally the only thing you can “do” is wait and do nothing. This feeling of helplessness is one of my buttons. I seem to spin quickly out of control in the face of “do nothing.” Helplessness quickly turns to hopelessness, then despair, then sadness, and then I find myself swimming in a stew of self-pity, remorse, anger and resentment. I am happy for you if none of this sounds familiar but for anyone who can relate with this downward spiral let’s talk about energy. Think about how much energy is spent in fueling the downward spiral. The pacing and the anger, the TV watching and the eating, the retelling of the problem and rehashing the conversation that never happened – all take a lot of energy.

When I spend just a small portion of this energy on something that moves me in a different direction amazing things happen. Besides a garden getting weeded, the sweat of a good workout, or the car getting washed, all at once I feel better. I don’t feel stuck any longer. I feel like I have done “something” and from that something comes other somethings.

Soon enough I find the solution to untie my hands from my original “problem” and I am set free – simply through energy. It just takes a small push in a different direction to start my life in motion the way I wish. A kind word, a generous act, a simple task and voila! life has changed.

Today, I recognize that the Universe is in a constant movement and flow, there is no “stuck.” I realize that the only thing sticking me is my consciousness which is under my control. I am grateful to now take action to move my consciousness in a different direction. I will make all effort to do things today which fill me with a feeling of productivity and peace. I AM Free. I AM Enough.