Sometimes you just have to trust that everything will be okay. Face it, you have tried controlling it, manipulating it, coercing it, forcing it, tantrums, anger, and tears…those things, may have served another purpose, but they did not make everything okay. Usually, what makes everything turn out okay is just time. Trust just makes me okay with waiting the obligatory amount of time.

Everything inside me is screaming right now…even just knowing that I have to wait for everything to be okay makes me crazy. So be crazy…go ahead. Gnash your teeth, rip your clothes, stomp, cry and howl at the moon if you want…after all those things will take up time. The real issue for me is that during that time I allow my mind to wander and it always finds the worst neighborhoods to get lost in. Broken windows, cracked sidewalks, garbage in the streets and crime and depravity going on in my mind.

I just found the work that I must do while I wait for everything to be okay. CLEAN UP THE STREETS in my mind. I will work on focused meditation about beautiful neighborhoods with Clarity in the windows, Love nurtured in the gardens, Strength in the sidewalks and foundations, Community and Generosity in the people. I know that it is my consciousness where the change happens first.

Today, I recognize the Universe as I desire it to be. I realize that I have a responsibility to provide the Love and Beauty that I wish to see. I am grateful to be the change I want to see in the world. I AM Peace. I AM Love. I AM Beauty.