I remember when I was a kid, I loved to get muddy. I am not talking a little muddy but would try to get as much black sticky Long Island Sound mud all over me and my friends. We had SO much fun with this…until it was time to go inside…Then we were left with a little bit of regret as we stood there being hosed off with really cold water before my mother would even consider opening the door.

It was fun then because it was innocent child’s play but as an adult I don’t know that I would venture out into the black sticky mud, except that I do sometimes with mud called gossip. It seems almost fun at the time getting dirty with this mud. Anyone else enjoy rolling around in it with friends, co-workers, even just acquaintances on street? For me, it seems fun until it is time to hose off and go home and then I am left with a sense of regret, remorse and even guilt for what I have just done to my consciousness. Did what I say about who I was talking about build that person or anyone or anything up, to a greater idea of themselves?

For a split second, I spiritual whack myself over the head with “I did it again! I said I was not going to gossip and there it was again!” STOP. It does me no good to beat myself up for tearing someone else down. We all get left battered and beaten in that scenario. Instead, I commit to stop rolling in the mud like a gossip piggy. I was drawn to words by a teacher named Jesus, “stop casting your pearls before swine.” My words can be like pearls, beautiful, elegant and uplifting.

Today, I recognize that my relationship with Spirit is mirror in my life. I realize that I bear the responsibility for building up my life and the life of those around me by thought, word and deed. I am grateful to recognize that my words are powerful tools and dangerous weapons depending on how they are used. I AM a builder. I AM empowered. I AM LOVE.